20 January 2009

I'm very very close...

to picking the blogging back up. Life has been, well, life, and I'm sorry I've neglected you, the Infintessimal Readership. Back real soon!

So in preparation, what's the most pressing style topic for you right now? Answer the poll at left - or shoot me an email at dcceline.blogspot@gmail.com, and tell me what you need...I'm at your service.


Miss Scarlet said...

Here are a few fashion issues, off the top of my head:

+pants that are too short *hate*

+standing all day at work so i can't wear cute enough shoes

+dreading when it's warm out and i can't wear a scarf 24/7;)

+my sister is thinking about a short bridesmaid/maid of honor dress. I would want to wear heels, but i don't wanna be the super tall girl up there. I'm 5'10" almost 11". she is 5'7" (?). it's not something I'm worried about, it just occurred to me.

(my word verification is "haters")

Celeste DeWitt Crutchfield said...

trying to look cute while being a stay at home mom after number 2 comes along...daycare cost vs paycheck doesn't make the stress worth it....but gotta keep that style thing working...work it...work it!