04 February 2009

Finding Mojo - Thwarted!

As I emerge from the anti-style world of not being able to wash and dry my hair, pick out my clothes without a little diva hanging on my leg, and take more than 2 seconds to "do my face,"* I'm trying to push the envelope. Granted, my closet isn't in the best of shape right now, but it's a little better than it was, so as I get ready each morning, I'm trying, trying, trying to not do the Washington Frump. Don't always succeed, but I try.

My memory's not long enough to go all the way back to Monday, but yesterday I managed to update my LBD a la the 500 style mags proclaiming "redo your closet with no money" (so nice of them to be cost conscious in these difficult economic times. gimme a break): black wool knit shift with a black ribbed turtleneck...and my beloved Daslu boots.** I was a very happy camper.

Today's another day of Very Important Meetings (ok, not so, but everyone generally tries to dress as if they are), and I was all excited. I decided yesterday I'd do some take on what I consider the Real J's*** signature look: a buttoned up suit paired with a fun printed T. I've yet to attempt it, but figured my newfound love of a Metallica Death Magnetic concert T would work perfectly.

So I tried it with black pants and a tweed jacket. Eh. Alright, but not finished enough. Jacket is a little too bulky. Next attempt: grey pinstripe pantssuit.


All proud, I meander over to the bathroom to show off to H.

"Whaddaya think?"

"Great, but too much." He thought it would be just too much for my colonels to bear, so he convinced me to tone it down.

"Friday," he consoled.

So off came my tribute to Lars and James, and on went the (alright not so, but still) staid teal sweater. I did throw on my mommy's gift of topaz earrings with my grandmother's topaz ring and her 70s-style medallion to make myself feel better. And my new(er) peep-toes help too (a little hardware goes a long way for this girl).

Friday, here we come.

*We were a little cramped in our lovely home, and The Bean was sleeping in our bedroom, so I couldn't get ready until she was up. Ditto for the shower/blowdry thing.

**I have some retired colonels who love my boots, and they're in town this week, so, well, flaunt what ya got, I say.

***Yup, she's still out there, allbeit far away...she's rockin' Addis Ababa style right now.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I should wear a T short underneath a suit on Friday as well ;)

Miss Scarlet said...

Friday will be t-shirt under a suit day!