31 March 2009

Style Dilemma: Chicago on Foot

We're taking The Bean on her first plane ride Saturday. BabySis lives out there (with new baby!) and H has a conference. The Bean and I are going to play corporate family.

So once we got all the logistics settled (hotel room with two rooms for sleeping through the night, very nice friend teaching us to install and uninstall carseat, travel potty...the joys!), now we're down to the Very Important Stuff.

What to pack.

Granted, I have to figure out her wardrobe, too, but she's lucky enough to have inherited some adorable stuff from dear friends. A relative no brainer.

But Mama? That's another story.

Weekends now I usually live in jeans and cargos, a totally What-Not-to-Wear target. Ambush Makeover's waiting around the corner for me. My work wardrobe isn't particularly child-tourism friendly.

And lord knows what the weather will be on The Lake in April. Monday they had snow.

So off to ponder the packing...

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MotorCityGirl said...

It's (finally) spring out here! I'm starting to see full cotton skirts peeking out from under long spring coats.