01 April 2009

Budding Washington Style

It's been 20 months since The Bean arrived. She's a growing girl, stylish in her red patent leather mary janes. She loves the playground, walks, and "cooking" at the kitchen sink while MamaCeline makes dinner.

She also has a boyfriend. They met on the swings.

A younger man, he's an active guy. He's into cars (particularly racy yellow and orange ones that zoom around the playground) and dirt.

They dine together on "crakah" and "gapes," sometimes asking politely "peas" for something off the other's tray. More often than not, they just grab for it. If one's slower than the other, well then, too bad.

When they get together, they're usually in playclothes, ready to hit the (no longer - it's all foam and mulch now) blacktop. But based on his recent dinnerwear choices, maybe we need to step it up a notch. His mama reports that he dragged this jacket out of the closet yesterday and wouldn't take it off. Perfect with his striped T and jeans. Jazzes up a "newt" snack instantly.

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