02 April 2009

Style Poll: Signs of Spring

As MotorCityGirl commented, "It's (finally) spring out here! I'm starting to see full cotton skirts peeking out from under long spring coats."

Depending on where you are in the world (Carmen Sandiego), your springtime hints have been blooming for a while, or are juuuuust starting to peek out from under the wool.

The budding blossoms, apart from making me look like a hangover gone bad and forcing me to go sans eye makeup for two days in a row, inspire me just a little to dig through my closet for a little bit of pastel prettiness. I've never been one to shy away from peep toes or bare legs in cooler temps, so the newly painted tootsies have been baring all lately.

So tell us...What's your springtime inspriration? What are you chomping at the bit to pull out of the closet? If you're dying to wear the springiest of spring dresses, share, and we'll figure out how you can don it even with threatening snowshowers (sorry, Middle America, guess Punxatawney Phil was right).


Miss Scarlet said...

Oh spring...I am so not a fan. I like flip flops and dresses, but sneezing and sweating ruin it.

Fashionlover said...

I’m in London and although spring has been here for a few odd days, it’s gone back to ‘normal’ – grey, cloudy, windy, showers... I’ve been dying to get into my peep-toes. Been to California in January and acquired a few pairs of peep toes that I managed to wear whilst out there. But ever since I’m back in London – I nearly forgot that I have them. When I ‘found’ them in my shoe department (that is under my bed, shoes stored in the boxes☺) – I got so anxious to wearing them. Any time there’s a slightest hint of sun – they are out. And it feels a little bit strange, because majority of others are still in their boots. Oh well, the spring will be here eventually….

DC Celine said...

fashionlover - pull those peep toes out of their boxes and put on tights - one of my favorite looks!