30 April 2009

Divine Inspiration - Pink Patent Pumps

I had a dream.

Two nights ago, I dreamt of pink patent leather pumps.

They were perfect.

Babygirl pink, medium heel, round toe, a hint of a wooden edge on the sole.

Demure, but not boring.

Where they came from, I don't know, and how they got in my head, I have no idea. But needless to say, when a girl dreams (at least this one) of shoes, she works very hard to find them. It's along the same lines as the pair of red patent leather pumps I went back to "visit" three times before I finally bought them. My own personal rule? If you think about them constantly for 3 or more days, and you can afford them, they need to be bought.

So using what might just be a new favorite tool (I'm sure I'm the last on this bandwagon), like.com, I'm scouring the web for these pearly babies. I'm convinced they exist. If not, I might just pick up the phone and call my new favorite shoe designer (if you haven't checked out her in-house, personally designed, named after her own Bean line, lillybee, do it NOW), Kassie of simplysoles, and suggest them. I don't even need credit for the idea. I just want the shoes.

So here's the run down, and how they aren't really what I saw in my dreams.

Demonia - around $40, and cute. Color's close, and the stitching and bow are a nice touch, but, well, demure they're not.

Bettye Muller. Not $40. Softer color, lower heel, but the price, the peep toe, and the heel aren't quite right. (Though I thought maybe Bettye Muller would be the place to find my dream shoe, with the modern retro feel.)

Bandolino. Online, about $30. By far the most reasonable. And definitely the most demure, with the Mary Jane detail. But, well, they're red. And the MJ is juuuuust too demure.

Juicy Couture. Also not $40. But the toe is right, and they're simple. Fun color, too, but clearly not the right pair.

Another Demonia pair, reasonably priced, and more demure than the first pair. Like the spectator detail, but the color and the MJ strap aren't right. Nor is the height. Stripper going to church?

J Crew. The closest, by far, in the sense of my dream shoe. The bow is just a-DOR-able, but still very wearable. They were on like.com in a darker pink than I dreamt, but apparently everyone else in the world thinks they're wearable, too. Completely sold out in every color.

So Kassie? I'll be calling soon!

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