23 April 2009

A little behind

on my personal grooming, I'm about 2 months overdue for a cut and, well, I can't remember the last time I saw Erwin. Literally. I know I've been since The Bean arrived, but life has gotten in the way and forced many a reschedule. I have no idea how I haven't made it onto the salon blacklist, except that I've been with both Jae and Erwin since, well, for a long time. Jae and I have known each other longer than I've known H.

My hand forced by an also overdue annual doc appointment, I'm taking the afternoon in two weeks to do Stuff I Have to Do.

We won't mention that I'll conveniently have been to the salon the afternoon of the DC Scout Bday Bash, where there might be pictures taken.

Now...off to the outfit planning. This might just call for a new one.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Celine! It's Cari from DC Scout -- we met at the District Sample Sale. Looking forward to seeing you at our birthday bash!!