26 May 2009

Need: Rainboots, ASAP

Every time I help The Bean pull on her bright pink L.L. Bean rainboots (with the convenient handles to make it a "bahg! bagh!" when not wearing them - a girl after her mama's heart, where everything turns into a purse), she says, "Mama boot!"

And I have to tell her "Mama doesn't have any boots."

Well, she does, but she can't find them. Somewhere in the nether regions of our condo is a pair of ridiculously useful duck boots - 9", I think. I love them. But I wore them at some point 2 winters ago, and now I can't find them.

So Mama has no boots.

I should hoof it to Target and find a cheap-o - ahem - frugally chic - pair, but word has it that the frugally chic pairs they're selling, well, they stink. Like rubber. So I'm going to take this as a "you get what you pay for" (sometimes) sign, and go to my fave outdoor store. It's about time I ordered them online and just had them in hand.

Now...to choose between classic Wellington green and over-the-top seafood...


Casi said...

it's gotta be seafood!

Ice Charades said...

I had looked for rainboots online for months - What A Pair.com has a great selection. In the end, I didn't get the two pairs that I really loved, because of a return issue from Mexico City.

So I bought a pair at Target and they smelled horrible.

Left them in the trunk of the rental car and they still smelled four days later.

Makes you wonder what chemicals they used .... but I needed something for the rainy season down here. Adios - Jenny

DC Celine said...

Update: seafood boots purchased. Online reviews for the boots are stellar. Looking forward to splashing with The Bean.