09 June 2009

Style On the Fly

Life's busy, but what's new? A quick & dirty (ok, ridiculously muddy is more like it) recap of style happenings in my little world...

Rain boots: perfect timing. Just when I thought I wouldn't need them any more, the skies opened up. The Bean is very happy when Mama puts on her boots, too, so we can stomp in puddles.

Necessities purchased: been in the market for new, ah, foundation garments, as mine are nearly dead. Because I can't seem to ever get to a brick and mortar store, I went back to Ye Olde Vicki's. I was addicted to her stuff in college (even went so far as to buy matching "sets" with 3 girlfriends - yeah, we were wierd), but haven't worn it in forever. Am looking forward to a comfy new robe, though.

Fallout from the Pink Pumps: I never did find a pair, but have been having a lovely exchange with Kassie from simply soles. Am very much looking forward to a designer event coming up with the creative lead from Butter. Maybe I'll buck the economy and indulge in these pretty preppy flats.
The Ultimate Bargain: if you haven't already, sign up for DC-based CityShopGirl's daily emails. Yesterday, this gem arrived: the J. Crew Distribution Center in Lynchburg, VA, is holding an open house of sorts - 13 June 10-6, 14 June 2-6, current items up to 70% off. Hmmm...sounds like it might be time for a Papa-Bean Day, so Mama can hit the store!

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