26 June 2009

Will Forgo the Bad Pun for Butter

Seriously, these shoes are gorgeously amazing - and, oh, btw, ridiculously comfortable. And I'm in love.

Any line that names a color "Car Patent" is alright by this car-lovin' gal.

I so wish that Nancy Geist and Lee Riech had their Butter site up and running, and that I could find a pic of the gorgous peep toe pump that screams sleek luxury car. Part of their fall line, it's a classically styled pump with a little bit of "quilting" at the heel and around the toe box. It's a deep deep brown - almost black - with the barest hint of coppery flecks - just like you'd find on a metallic car paint. It'd make a perfect "new neutral" and go with Everything.

And I'm in love.

I should've put myself down on the list for a pre-order at simplysoles.com's preview and Meet the Designer (Lee and her lovely assistant took the train down from NYC) event Wednesday, but I'm just trying to be frugal.

But I do have that "if I think about it for days in a row, I need to buy it" policy, so...

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