06 July 2009


It's the "tip" that everyone and their mother's brother (almost literally) has heard: the fastest way to make a woman's clothes fit and look better is to wear The Right Bra.

17,300,000 results in a web search. Vicky's touts it with miracles and angels. "As Seen on TV" ads offer all sorts of ways to adjust what you have, the latest being the round thingy that slides your straps together and "makes you look at least a cup size bigger."


But the right one, well-fitted, honestly will do wonders for how things look and feel. I've written about my troubles, and lately I've had a hard time finding one that fits. I haven't taken my own advice and Gone Fitting, but rather I attempted an online purchase because I just plain ol' didn't have time to go to a store. It sorta worked. What I found works better than the ancient, worn out things I'd been wearing, but it's just not quite right.

I'm still not convinced that The Right Bra is out there for me, though I've certainly found ones that Fit Better.

But for those who really need the update, there are absolutely local options. Nordstrom's has a competent department, and Bethesda's Sylene and Vienna's Trousseau are touted - at least to brides-to-be and those looking for undergarments for formalwear (though they both serve the general public, too). In the Post, Brigid Schulte gives us a first-hand account of what it's like to be fitted by an expert. Amusing, frank, and, yes, helpful...it's a fun read that will motivate you out the door to Get Fitted.

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etoilee8 said...

Calvin Klein's shelf bras seem to work for every lady I know. They are my absolute go to. And the colour palettes are always spot on . . . feminine but not overly girly.