07 July 2009

Style Dilemma: Mama Rocker Chic - on the cheap

3120 4ever posted on facebook: looking for ideas for what to wear to a concert at Merriweather in a few weeks. Stone Temple Pilots. I have virtually nothing useful in my closet right now and was hoping to get to the mall soon. Something skirtish but not dressish?

Background: 3120 4ever just happens to be one of my bestest friends - and my college roommate. She's in the same boat I am, with a Bean and not enough time to find style sometimes (though she always manages to look better than I at things).
The rest of the conversation:
DC Celine: funny - i'd go straight for a summery casual dress. why no dress?

3120 4ever: I guess I was trying to bring out my inner rocker and sundress seemed too girly. But since I rarely dress up anymore, maybe it's worth the investment. I have a bridal shower the weekend after, so that's at least two chances to wear it. Plus, if I get something this week, you might see it on Saturday for The Bean's [2-year-old birthday - eek!] party!
DC Celine: you can do rocker chick and dress at the same time! lemme look online tonight!

Of course, it took me longer than a night to get back to her. In my head, I have something slightly flowy, cotton (for the sweat absorbtion factor), and not fussy at all. Jersey would work well. My initial search at target.com (easy to find a location, and not. expensive) yielded:

Fun strapless, a little beachy, and understated cool-chick color. Problem? Wearing it at the concert works, but maybe not anywhere you have a grabby toddler...wardrobe malfunction, anyone? Put on a pair of understated gladiators (ubiquitous though they might be), and you're golden.

Love, love, love the fun color, and seems cool and wearable. A little girlier, but with a bad-ass bangle or cuff, out comes the inner-rocker.

The other place to look? Urban Chic's Baltimore outpost (3120 4ever's up north) - and all locations, for that matter - have just started a summer sale - great time to pick up a few pieces you can still wear for the rest of the summer and not break the bank (as much).

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etoilee8 said...

I do a bit of babysitting in my free time. Every dress must have straps :)

(Though the older kid I care for would have quite a giggle if I had a wardrobe malfunction . . . he's at that age where boobs are an endless source of humour).