08 July 2009

I had a dream...

...that I waltzed into Harriet's closing store and bought a whole bunch of things, including a blue silk scarf.

Of course, it wasn't really her store, but some other place that actually reminds me of a menswear store (lots of dark wood), and the saleslady was not nearly as lovely as the women who work with Harriet. And I have no idea why the only thing I can remember buying (though I know I scooped up a whole bunch of things) is the blue silk scarf.

That's just the way dreams are, I suppose.

But H did ask me this morning - when I lamented that I have no idea what I'm going to wear to The Bean's 2nd Birthday Party on Saturday - why I hadn't gone to visit. (Yes, I have the best H in the world that he would consider something like that - and go a step further and say "I don't know why you haven't gone yet - why don't you go tonight?" Seriously.)

Now I know that HK probably wouldn't have something I'd want to wear to a child's birthday party with sticky fingers and wading pools, but I do wish I could find a way to get there. It might all be gone at this point, what with news spreading like wildfire last week (I think it was the most twittered and tweeted and statused thing in the DC Style World ever), but maybe just a minute to peek in...

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