26 August 2009

A Little Goes a Loooong Way

At the end of my style rope, barely bothering to match clothes and not having touched a makeup brush to my face in weeks, I stopped at our local nail shop to clean up my toes.

At least one part of me would be presentable.

The Bean in tow, and the stroller full of groceries, we looked at magazines for about 10 minutes before a chair opened up. She hopped right into my lap, and as the aesthetician popped my tired feet into the pool of bubbling water, The Bean wanted to do it, too.

When the chair next to me was free, the aesthetician offered it to The Bean. She sat right down, arranged her Meow Meow and Man next to her, and settled in. She then sat primly and patiently while the sweet lady taking care of mama's feet put the tissue between her toes, then painted bright pink, gold sparkles, and a clear coat on her teensy little toes. Then her fingers.

She sat still, reading a magazine, 'til they all dried. Like she'd been doing it for years. Clearly a diva in the making.

In the meantime, I'd let her pick mama's toe color whilst waiting for our chairs. She picked a lovely bright red, perfect for my skin tone. Seriously, this child has a future in the business (though I haven't yet convinced her that the big blush brush is for her face, and not for cleaning the bathroom).

And I've been happily toddling through the week since, pretty red toes shown off in whichever peeptoes and flip flops I can find. They make me feel just that much more put together, and almost inspire me to put together a complete outfit. So I used them as a springboard this morning for donning a pretty blue dress and bright shoes.

Once I do my face (after work - just can't bear makeup in this heat, even inside) for my night out at the September Issue showing downtown, I'll feel downright dressed.

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K said...

that has got to be the cutest thing ever :)