01 September 2009

If You Lived the 80s, Close Your Eyes

...to the color and pattern,* but love the top. Am wearing it now. At $17.99, it's a cheap way to "do" a Must Have Fall Trend: The Ruffle.

It's soft, easy, and just fitted enough to make even El Preggo here feel like a lump.

With black slacks, peeptoes, and a little denim jacket covering up the bra straps that I couldn't be bothered to otherwise hide (the cut of the shoulders would, if worn bare, require a Special Bra. SO not getting one), I feel almost stylish.

OK, actually, I feel pretty good. It was a great $17.99 purchase amidst the Elmo slippers, Hello Kitty sunglasses and thermos, mounds of junk food, and pink flowered potty training "unterhose." (We're 3 days from heading off Down Tha Shore. And counting.)

And on a wholly different note, BlueSuitGirl and I spent two Saturday afternoons ago wandering aisles and laughing our proverbial @##es off at American Apparel's self-depreciating sense of humor and ability to throw us back to middle school with a vengange. Slashed neon pink leggings, anyone?

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