01 September 2009

Shop in Style: DSS tix on sale NOW

Followers know I'm a big fan. My last jaunt was a Mama's Night Out and I scored some great pieces (some of which will just have to wait til post-Bean#2, oh beloved Ports 1961 trousers*). With this fall weather beating down our door (hooRAY!), I can't wait to pull on my riding boots. They'll be the perfect foil to a bulging bump - without giving up style.

If you haven't been, come join us. If you have, and have let your "membership" in DC's best style scene lapse, pick it up again. It's charitable, so you can feel good about the splurge, and, well, the deals get better each year.

Buy your tickets now for the District Sample Sale, and I'll see you there!

*crap! just realized, when searching for a link, that I never posted my loot from the spring! Tomorrow, I promise!

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