14 September 2009

Ugh. The Bug's Got Us

After a lovely week Down Tha Shore and wearing my beloved Gap cargos almost 24/7 (no need to carry a purse when you have all those pockets), I thought I'd have to get dressed properly today and present myself to a rabid bunch of "volunteer" writers who don't want to write.

The Bug saved me.

From the writers, anyway, until tomorrow. And I was in yoga pants and a T one more day while we administered juice, cheerios, and multiple doses of on-demand Mickey Mouse to The Bean. She's doing better, but needed her mama home today.

So now I really do have to figure out what to wear to work tomorrow...and it needs to be relatively easy access for the 19 week - yup - can't believe The Bean 2 is 4 months away - ultrasound.

This is when the 70s-80s teacher wrap-around skirts are sounding really good. An apple or a schoolhouse, anyone? And don't forget your bermuda bag...

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