02 November 2009

Thank Goodness for Knit and Jersey

Normally, I'm a structured silouhette girl...creases, form, bring it on.

But obviously, in my "condition" I have to rely on things that are a little more forgiving. The problem is, of course, for "forgiving" to not be "schlumpy." How does one look put together and professional without a) looking huge, b) forgoing comfort (increasingly important), or c) putting some sort of big, unflattering bow on one's chest, like they used to do when our mamas were growing us?

[Update: How the heck did this grammar girl not notice the apostrophed plural in the last sentence?! I'm mortified my fingers typed it, and sorry to anyone offended. Sigh.]

First, I'm a very lucky pregnant gal. My Beans like, apparently, to grow compactly. I suppose I have height to thank for this, but both bumps (so far) have been of the basketball variety. Which means that pants and skirts can stay slim (even though I do need those ridiculous panels now), affording me some leeway for volume up top.

The same rules of proportion apply for those of us wearing M clothes as "regular" garb:

1) Volume up top? Fitted on the bottom - and vice versa.

2) Well-fitting, if not fitted = always better than something that looks like it was made for someone else

3) Adapt, adapt, adapt with accessories.

A friend of ours "announced" her pregnancy at our wedding several years ago. She'd bought a relatively plain black dress with pretty pleats, just graceful enough to compliment her bump. And added a lime green ribbon at the bodice. Charming and pretty.

Today, I'm sporting a favorite BCBG black and white jersey dress with a pop-arty print (non-M). It's supposed to be a shirt dress. I simply belted it at the bodice instead. Minimizes my bump much more than any M-designed clothes in my closet.

I have about 5 other dresses in my closet - all some sort of knit or jersey - some M, some not, but they all fit me without bagginess. They hug the curves H loves so much (I'm blessed to have an H that thinks I'm the most beautiful pregnant girl in the world) and keep me happy in the style-department.

Oh, and then I throw on my beloved patent leather peeptoe lillybee pumps with my biker chick leather jacket, and oilá! I'm the hippest Mama at pre-school drop off.

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