30 October 2009

Boo! to You

In the midst of Halloween preparations, I thought I'd check in with the Infintessimal Readership.

What makes the best Halloween costume for you?

Do you want to be scary? Eye-catching? Clever? Puzzling? Current?

Do you want it to be flattering? If you want to stand out, in what way? Va-va-voom, or EEEEEW!

Personally, I've apparently entered the phase of life where "family" Halloween garb is of the moment. I've only got one party on the calendar this year, and it's a kid's birthday party. So since The Bean requested "Thomas" (of Tom and Jerry), H and I are going to be Tom's owners: a 50s-era pipe-wielding and apron donning couple (it was beyond my energy to make more than one set of ears for us). I happen to have a polka-dot shirt-dressy M dress in the closet, and we'll figure H's out on the fly.
*Pics courtesy of Tom and Jerry Online, an unofficial fan site

1 comment:

Miss Scarlet said...

I like it to be flattering, but it doesn't have to be super sexy/slutty or anything.

I like it to be original, too. I just put pics up on FB. Only one of me, though.