29 December 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Boots. Tall ones, short ones, fuzzy ones, leather ones, rubber ones, tucked into or over shoes, every color of the rainbow, stomping in puddles, climbing over snow, looking chic in last minute shopping.

Scarves. Sheer, knitted, woolen, fuzzy, soft, wrapped, loose, rainbow, monochromatic.

Sweaters. Fitted, bulky, belted, loose, cabled, knit, hand-wash, snuggly, cowl-necked, turtle-necked, crew-necked, v-necked. And certainly no reindeer.

Hats. Elegant, sloppy, fun, cute, felt, wool, fleece, matching, deliberately not matching, over your ears, letting your ears peek out, brimmed, rolled.

Gloves. Elbow-length, cropped, fingerless, mittened, wool, leather, fur-trimmed (thanks, H!), cashmere-lined.

Take that, you summer dress lovers.


Miss Scarlet said...

I'm wearing my new infinity scarf...so warm and cozy!


DC Celine said...

i got 2 new wintery wonders: a pale green scarf from my MIL (beautiful soft color and fabric) and a new pair of fur-trimmed leather gloves from H (to match the coat he bought me years ago). i might have looked silly wearing gloves to drive (w/out coat) this morning, but i felt incredibly chic!