04 January 2010

Style Dilemma Solved: Winter Nautical


Ok – here’s a question for you.

Light gray and navy large horizontal striped sweater (with big turtleneck) what color pants? And what color shoes?

Initial thought is a darker gray pants and a medium very warm brown shoe (with and little gold buckle)

Would a herringbone pattern pant be too much pattern?

DC Celine:

like the herringbone idea, but would have to see it. brown herringbone or solid might work, too. but again, would have to see. darker grey would definitely work, as would a navy. would do either with a grey or black shoe. not getting the vibe of a brown shoe w/ the grey pant. but again, would have to see. don't suppose you have pics?


Sweater (in navy and gray)

can’t find the pants but they’re a darker gray and lighter gray herringbone pattern.

Also have camel pants

DC Celine:

prettyinpink, I think any of these options would work. I'm still not crazy about the brown trousers or shoes option...of course trouser or skinny jeans (if you're so inclined) would work best - that is if you don't want to wear to work (or for Fridays). camel pants would work, but lighter khaki/cream might be good too. or, for that matter, go bold with a winter white trouser a la kate hepburn. then you could swing the warm brown shoes and gold buckle.

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