08 January 2010

Style Dilemma Solved: Sports Memorabilia

Baffled in Bal'mer: What do I do? I'm invited to a 50th birthday bash for a dear friend and colleague - he's a huge sports fanatic, and the party is at the Sports Memorabilia Museum at Camden Yards. The requested attire: jerseys, except for any he hates (ex: Tarheels or Yankees). I have one beloved Phils jersey, but am unsure of whether I'll be committing a faux pax by donning it.

Dear Baffled: There are very few times when it's acceptable for a relatively stylish woman (we won't go to the male side of things) to wear a plain ol' sweatshirt. Granted, a jersey isn't quite a sweatshirt, and granted, the pro-sports-wear makers are savvier than they used to be in producing feminine cuts, but still...

This, however, is one of those times when you wear your beloved jersey, throw on jeans and a T underneath, and go for it. As for footwear, you could snag some fashion sense there (along with the fit and color of your jeans) with a hip "fashion sneaker" (dontcha love that moniker?) or a leather boot under your jeans (please no skinny jeans tucked in on this one!)

Oh, and wish your friend a happy 50th - and tell him that he's entirely supported in his Tarheel/Giants hatred (says this Philly girl - E - A - G - L - E - S! Iggles!)

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Miss Scarlet said...

good advice. I think something sporty can definitely be cute, but you're right, it's those accessories (like shoes) that will make the difference.