13 January 2010

Wishful thinking...

I'm lucky. I happen to love being pregnant. Sure, I have symptoms, am swollen, don't fit into anything, and can be incredibly cranky (just ask H...not sure he's speaking to me this morning). All in all, though, I'm a happy pregnant girl. (Full permission to hate me at this point.)

AND I'm really really really looking forward to spring collections. I know they're out there already. I know I'm behind the 8-ball. Who knows how long it'll take me before I'm back in "regular" clothes.

BUT I still can't help but be happy at the prospect of heading out to shop (as if I'll have the time) for a new blouse or skirt...and can take advantage of everything from Target to Cusp. I saw a picture of me the other day in a silver and charcoal silk halter gown...and just sighed. It's hanging on the back of my closet door - right in front of my wedding dress, which no, I still haven't had cleaned.

Do you think I can shop in Target with a vivacious 2.5 year old and an infant? I was trying to figure out just how to manage Bean #2 in the dressing room this morning...

In my dreams: colors, flounces, silks, and breeziness...I'll see if I can find a few minutes today and search for a few pics.

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