11 March 2010

Warning: Mama Post Ensuing

Apologies in advance to those of you without kids...but read on if you know anybody with young'uns or expecting - I'd be thrilled to get these as a gift.

In the two and a half years since The Bean arrived, mamastyle has evolved. If you remember my posts back then (and I've alluded to them now), I was jonesin' to wear a dress. As a primary source of nutrition for my Beans, I have to wear things that provide easy, discrete access. And pulling a dress over one's head just won't do the trick. So "back then," I had a few nursing camis in black and white, but the couple of shirts I tried were just atrocious. Always faux-wrap, always boring. So I resorted to button downs and nursing camis layered under Ts or other light shirts.

This time around, even the nursing camis have gotten better. While I haven't managed to master the sling nurse, the company that makes my sling now also makes "hands free" nursing camis. Only in black and white, sure, but the detail on the bodice is very flattering, and the length is comforting and slimming to a mama trying to loose the Bean weight. I can't say I'd wear one on its own, but the shelf bra is substantial - and comfortable - enough for at least upper-medium endowed mamas. So maybe when it's hot outside I'd throw on the black with some easy bottoms for a jaunt to the playground.

And in the more stylish department, thank you to Daily Candy Kids (did you know there was one?) for the tip on milkstars. Sigh. Fabulous. Wear them with your favorite (and I use the term VERY loosly - they're god-awful) nursing bra, they have bright colors any fashionista would be proud to don. I've already tried two - the Michelle and the Jenny. After wearing each for a day, I wanted to order more. Softest, softest knit, they feel luxurious (hey, I'll take what I can get in this time when I can barely manage to wash my hair), and their ingenious construction - full panel layer on the inside - offers access discrete enough for an "open air" playground nurse for even the boob-skittish.

So like I said, even if you don't have or aren't expecting any little ones, and you're struggling to find a new mama gift (the baby gets plenty - mama needs a little attention, please) for a friend, go buy. Now.

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Natalie / The Liquid Muse said...

I hope to need one of these within the next year or so... will definitely check back for more tips!