26 March 2010

Almost time...

...for a little shopping for mama.

Despite having found some real gems (my flutter-sleeve milkstars top is ridiculously flattering and comfy - and practical) online in the past few weeks and awaiting the arrival of more at my mama's house (shipped them there so I'd be sure to have them on our "vacation"), I'm jonesin' for some real shopping.

I'm sure I'll get frustrated and feel like a big cow in the dressing room (just part of the transition from M clothes to "real" clothes), but I'm excited. I'm feeling pretty good, and my Beans are relatively cooperative when it comes to being out and about. That means my mama and I can take them to the Exton Square Mall - or maybe even King of Prussia - and hit a couple of stores.

Yes, I'm going mall shopping.

For me right now - in transitional sizes - it's the most practical. It also helps that we're transitioning between seasons; I'm hoping for some sales.

On the list: a couple of pairs of pants, a skirt or two, and maybe some new shoes. I'd love to have more skirts than slacks, but so far, I'm not terribly inspired by what's out there. A simple denim skirt (lordy, am I having flashbacks there) will probably suffice, plus the black pleated one I ordered and have waiting for me at grandma's house.

My treat to myself, though (other than the massage my mama's making me get)? I'll see what fanciness I can find at Malena's. Like I've mentioned before, this is a gem of a vintage store (also reachable online) owned and expertly run by a childhood friend of my sister's (aka prettyinpink). She's always got a scarf or purse or buckle or pair of brilliantly gaudy earrings I just have to have. Unfortunately, even without the baby weight, I'm usually to Germanically-boned for vintage clothing, and my size 9s are usually too long for vintage shoes, but I can accessorize (what's that word? as Fancy Nancy* says) 'til the cows come home - and they will, up in southeastern PA, where I'll be spending the next week...

*Fancy Nancy is a gloriously diva-ish little girl who frequents a series of children's books. One of The Bean's favorite "aunts" brings her new installments in the series (sticker books, flip out books - the latest and most popular so far) when she visits. Thanks, BlueSuitGirl, for cultivating my daughter's interest in All Things Fancy.

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