15 June 2010

Now, then...

So the big shopping extravaganzas have been, well, a bust. While I'm the online shopping queen for All Things Children and Household, my personal style shopping has just fallen flat. The Old Navy pleated skirt? Clearly designed for Old Navy's target demographic and not a 36-year-old mama with hips. The fun pink Converse? Grossly larger than life.

In the meantime, I'm cobbling together work outfits from the 2 pair of pants that fit my in-between body, a much-adored but getting raggedy H&M wrap dress, and a couple of tops that I like but...the same three things every day doesn't really work for this girl.

It took getting out with BlueSuitGirl to have a little success. A little. We hit Chevy Chase last Saturday night. Newsflash: stores there close at 8. Really. Very annoying. But Filene's and Loehmann's stay open later, so we tried our patience and came out with a few pieces.

One of my favorite shirts is a lovely grey, pink, and white striped french-cuffed oxford. When I bought it, 100 years ago, I thought Havré Benard was something. Ok, so it's a big conglomerate. But the truth of the matter is, they made a lovely, elegant shirt that makes me feel good. And they've done it again. On top of my new grey Converse (which have become my weekend Go-To shoes, seriously), I came out of Filene's with a sweet but grownup pale plue top. Exaggerated tuxedo ruffles, sleeveless, and tucked in at the waist, it's a top I could wear every day. I can wear it untucked in my uncomfortable Inbetweenness, and it'll still be great when I'm comfortable tucking in again.

Now, blue top and grey sneakers aside, I'm still in desperate need of Clothes That Fit. I'm putting off digging through my "Regular Clothes Box" from pre-maternity. I've searched the web at my usual hunting grounds, but I'm afraid to pull the trigger. What I really need to do is measure me, but...

So in the meantime, I'll fuss every morning that I have nothing to wear and walk out of the house most mornings happy only with my shoes.

And will search again another day.

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