15 November 2010

Style Dilemma Solved: First of the Season

As I wrote in Friday's posts, H had a holiday party Friday night. And I had no dress I was comfortable in. So I bought one.

I was unsure of shoes, and really wanted to accessorize, but was feeling a bit cautious. So I phoned up my sis Prettyinpink, and asked. While we came to no conclusions, we discussed options. The most daring of which was putting the new crystal necklace over the black lace minidress. Would it be too much?

Nope. Just perfect.

While H thought it "disappeared" on top of the lace, I was thrilled. I was absolutely channelling some 60s-era Mama. Jackie O I'm not, nor did I manage a bouffant 'do (unwashed tight chignon was all I could manage in the 30 minutes I had to beautify), but a girl really needs some glitz and glamour.

It was one of those rare times when Coco's mantra didn't apply: I didn't take one piece off before I walked out the door.

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