17 November 2010

Style Dilemma: The Shoe Challenge

WebMama wrote last week: I'm writing to hit you up for some fashion advice. I'm going to a wedding Saturday and am wearing this navy dress.

I also bought blue tights. Question is, what color shoes should I wear? I could go black patent - but like the idea of a lighter heel. What do you think of these? Or I could go even lighter like in the attached picture. Just curious what your gut reaction is. Thanks in advance!!

I messaged back (after letting it go too long because I was under a RealJob rock. Sorry, WebMama!): Yes - love the idea of lighter heel - pewter v pretty. but i would personally go with a rounder toe (though have had these pumps before and they're great).

ok, have a couple of suggestions.

on simplysoles.com, there's a blush-colored lillybee wedge that'd be darling, and a chie mihara round toe pump in tan (might be a bit casual)

on zappos.com, there's a sofft pump (fiorella) in a grey (darker) suede, and a vigotti ulinda in a pale grey.

are you going to wear tights, like the pic? LOVE the look

And in fact, I have had the pumps linked above. Nine West has absolutely reliable pumps/stillettos. Keep them in mind as a fallback plan for any shoe dilemma.

And the conversation continued...

WebMama: Awesome, thanks!! I did order the pewter pumps. I'll see how they look. I LOVE the pale grey pumps you recommended more though. Maybe I'll see if I can get them for Saturday delivery. If not, I'll order them for another time. Thank you so much! Of course, it's okay for you to post. I did get blue tights like the picture. My friend, Liz, said "yuck yuck" to the look but my sister really liked it. You're the deciding vote and I'm happy you tipped the scales in favor of "yes" :)

Now we're all just waiting for pictures!

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Kate said...

I like very much the light color shoes from the attached picture, but I don't like the ones suggested. They look really old style, the kind of shoes you would wear on a casual day out. I wouldn't wear them to a wedding, but I think my mother would.