22 November 2010

Style Dilemma Solved: WebMama Goes to a Wedding

WebMama wrote in to let us know how things went with her night out:

Hi! I ended up wearing the navy dress with nude hose and pewter heels. The blue tights and pewter heels just didn't look right. I think the blue Betsy Johnson tights were too bright blue and not navy enough. We had a fun night. My friend took a bunch of pictures. I'll see if there is a full body shot I can send you!
WebMama, I'm bummed the all-blue look didn't work for you. And you're right, for the monochromatic thing to work, the hues need to be very close. I struggled with the same thing this weekend in a grey sweater dress and grey tights (but my tights had a bit of texture, so I snuck by on that one). We will have to break you of the nude hose, though - in my book, there is No. Reason. To. Wear. Nude. Stockings., no matter how cold. But that's a battle for another style day (Smile)
And we would love to see pics of your night on the town!

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