24 March 2011

Style Obsession: Denim Skirt

I have a mild obsession with denim skirts. I have this fantasy that they'll answer all my fashion needs: put-together, mildly edgy, a little bit ladylike ('cause it's a skirt and all), and who-cares-if-the-beans-get-snot-all-over-it versatile. So pardon me as I learn this polyvore thing. In the meantime, I'll mash together a demure pencil with a vintage-inspired t and prim pumps and hat. Or how 'bout a lacy tuxedo shirt with faded button-front jean skirt and slouchy suede boots? And then I'll throw my other obsession, nautical stripes, with a tailored, pocketed skirt, fabulous green patent wedges, and my favorite hairpin.

Now. Do I buy one? Or all 3?
3 Ways to Denim


Miss Scarlet said...

I wore one today!

31204ever said...

Buy all 3. On the cheap end of the spectrum, Old Navy has a ton of different styles right now. Altho I thought most were too short for those of us of, ahem, a certain age.