09 March 2011

Wishful Thinking: The Ones that Got Away

I promise more about my actual purchases (tune in to my tweets for their appearances in my wardrobe, though, if you can't wait), but first...the ones that got away.

Until I track them down online, that is.

First off, a bit of a rant. I tweeted Friday that I was seriously disappointed in the Friendship Heights J. Crew. Women, forget it. Nothing over a size 12. Even an XL is a rareity. Seriously. While I hate to admit to myself that I'm not taking care of myself and really need to do all the right things and get healthy, I used to know J. Crew as a standby to get classic, well made stuff in Real Sizes. Nope. At least not that store. Will do a little investigating and follow up with whether it's an in-store trend or just the skinny-jean-and-riding-boots-wearing Chevy Chase skinny minnies that are causing this phenomenon.

In the meantime, I'll shop at Banana and Gap for my staples, thankyouverymuch.

Rant over.

Now. For my wishlist items...

First up, a J. Crew cropped cream motorcycle jacket with zippers edged in bright orange. That's apparently not available online. Later today, I'll track the sucker down via Ye Olde Fashioned Phone. It was AWE.some. (Note: I'm addicted to orange, apparently.)

But I did find this majorette jacket that might replace it, if the Banana one below doesn't work out.

Then, there was the skirt that may or may not make me look like my mother. Let's face it, I am significantly older now than when Mommy had my BabySister (better known here online as PrettyinPink), but only recently has Mommy stepped it up (with much coaching from us) and out of TeacherStyle (yes, she owned an appliqu├ęd denim jumper. With a schoolhouse.). Either way, this pencil skirt, which you can get in the store in a yellow-green they call lime, is marvelously structured and fits my current nautical additiction.

And while I love the vibrant orange on a mini (apparently I haven't been online and in stores in way too long, because apparently J. Crew doesn't believe in replicating their store inventory online any more), it was just too puffy on this girl to get away with right now. Maybe later.

My other addictions? Nautical anything (I think I tried on every striped sweater or top available). Some of those ended up in my closet. And military anything. None of which came home, but will. I'm determined. Either the one up top, or this one (which was juuuust too small - one size bigger should be perfect).

Not that I need any more jackets. But a Mama does have to have something to wear to the playground and to preschool drop off on these chilly days.

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