01 April 2011

Shop in Style: District Sample Sale Score

District Sample Sale Score
District Sample Sale Score by DCCeline featuring enamel jewelry

Lillybee wedge heel shoes, $75
Clutch, $70
Enamel jewelry, $25

No traffic, no illness, no brand new babies. I made it. And one of these days I'll drag a friend (why, friends, why, do you never want to go with me?).

But in the meantime, here's my scoop.

Yes, the prices were different at DSS - $50 for the shoes (sample size happens to be mine!), $15 each for the Fornash pieces, and a sample of Combat-Ready (VIP swag bag).

Pieces I couldn't find online (or clippable pics), but love love love: deep blue Lillybee patent loafers, popchips, a Laura Mercier lipstick (that I have to track down) in grapefruit, and Allison Priebe Brooks' Queen Been Designs triple-strande jade quartz necklace and gold-toned mesh cuff.

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Celeste said...

If you don't mind going with a stranger, I'd go with you. I can never get my friends to go with me either.