28 March 2011

Forgiveness in Blue

Desperation calls. The eternal search for The Perfect Jean.

It's almost as bad as the search for a New Bathing Suit.

If you follow my tweets, you'll know that I'm a devotee of Stitch's and Gap jeans. I have an amazing pair of NYC-bought fancypants jeans, but, well, I bought those on my honeymoon. And in the back of my closet I have my beloved first pair of Designer Jeans, bought well-pre-wedding at Nieman Marcus. They're now worn and perfect, but even now I can't quite make it into them without them threatening to finally wear through in one of those spots.

My Stitch's I bought post-Bean #1 at a DSS. They're incredibly forgiving (despite what you'd think from the website of scrawny mavens in skin tight jeans), if even a bit too stretchy. It's the problem with jeans with a little bit of stretch - they do. I'd have included some in the set below, but their site doesn't "clip" well. So pooh on them.

My other two standby pair are both Gap - one a trouser jean with a nautical flair and the other a 1969 Long & Lean that, well, is. Or rather, makes me appear so. I tend to the trouser jeans right now, as they're a little higher cut, and therefore make me fuss less with ye olde muffin top, but I still adore my L&L pair.

So my recommendations for the vast majority of us, who carry a little bit of extra, um, padding? Pretty straightforward: high(er) waisted (go totally high-waisted for an amazing finished, modern Kate Hepburn look), head straight for those "curvy" labels, and yes, a teensy bit of stretch. Boot cut isn't as reliable as you'd think (some of them can get pretty skinny on you), but trouser jeans are usually a sure bet. A little bit of tailored denim goes a long way in making a girl feel slim.

So yes, the set below is long on the Gap pair, but there are a couple of high-end outliers, with the purveyors of my favorite cords, Ann Taylor LOFT, thrown in for good measure. Those light trouser jeans might cause some trouble in the hips with those pockets, but I just love the look, and think they're worth a try.

Forgiveness in Blue by DCCeline
Forgiveness in Blue

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Kate said...

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. i needed this so badly.