11 August 2011

Style Certitude: Cozy + Turtleneck + Easy (or, When a Marketing Email Works Perfectly)

I think I'm signed up for every brand email list in existence. They all seemed like a good idea at the time, but truth is, I rarely read them. That being said, this was the image in my inbox this morning.

It's everything I love about autumn. Cowl necks, tailored slouch, camel, and statement jewelry. When you're wearing a substantial sweater, you just can't make do with a teensy little charm bracelet.

So what did I do when I saw the email?

After I said "I want!" to myself? And "It's perfect! I want!"

Why, I clicked on the email, of course, and it took me to Michael's jewelry page (because, you know, he and I are on a first name basis. We should be, at any rate, given his designs, quite frankly, are the inspiration for this blog.)

Then I clicked on "Tops," hoping to track down the gorgeous camelness for my closet.

Instead, I found this. Also in camel (I might have to just fill up my closet with the luscious color. It's a staple, a neutral, right, so it warrants the dough spent on "forever pieces." Right?), I'm in love with this terribly impractical for a mama (the cream color, that is) supple, cozy, delicious poncho. While I haven't figured out what the poncho aspect is (looks like it has sleeves? Michael? Other views of items on your site, please?), I don't really care. This sweater/poncho is absolutely perfect for those crisp autumnal days - or the dreary ones - on which I'm strolling through the city with my Beans in tow, or taking in the sights at my hometown's community fair. It'll hold me over all the way through winter. It's layerable, pairs with just about anything (jeans, fall's colored jeans, cargos, skirts, sneakers, heels, boots, tights, you name it).

Not that I wouldn't have gone to your stuff for fall anyway, but nice marketing, Michael. It pulled me to a design aesthetic and silhouette that's part of the reason I fell for you in the first place.

This one (and perhaps the one in the email) will certainly be in my closet tout suite.

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