15 August 2011

Style Dilemma: Decisions, Decisions

My internal fragrance pre-sale debate (Chanel no. 19, post on that later) reminded me of the pre-sale that escaped me - my designer Chucks - or so I thought. I'd debated about a pair, dilly-dallied too long, and missed the boat. I was sad.

So this morning, thinking I could get a jump on whatever the next sneaker design collaboration is, I went to the Saks site.

Lo and behold, all 3 of them were there - I suppose back in stock after the initial rush. As I don't particularly care whether I'm the first to have anything (if I like it, I like it), I'm back in debate: Missoni or Comme des Garcons.

I'm leaning towards the adorably cheeky Comme des Garcons version. As beautiful as the Missonis are, September 13th is coming soon, after all.

Also part of the debate? The fact that I just bought my Oscars. I just spent boucoup bucks on shoes. I might have the Best Husband Ever, but even the ever-stylishly-supportive H balked when I mentioned the beautiful $200 lace-up Cole Hahn boots I spotted Friday. "You're not buying any expensive shoes for a while," is an exact quote.

I might have to let these ride. Sort of a "if you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was."

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DWJ said...

I have the Marimekko Converse and those were about as expensive as I was willing to go for a pair of Converse. I love Missoni but I will not spend $200 for Canvas sneakers for them. Just hold out, September 13th is almost here!