03 March 2011

Style Inspiration: Design on a (Relative) Dime

Thank, you Daily Candy, for helping me with my climb out of the Doldrums.

I think I might have to buy a new pair of Chucks. Saks pre-order, here I come.

However, while H is absolutely supportive of the things I need to do on the climb (when The Bean and I got home yesterday, he asked "Didn't you buy any shoes?"), I'm not sure he'd be ok with spending 200 bucks on non-workout sneakers for the Missoni version (I have a natural tendency to all things Missoni; something about that glorious, colorful stripey-ness).

On the other hand, I might be able to swing $105 for the Comme des Garcons (I'll spin a tale of them being commemorative of our Manhattan honeymoon and the afternoon we stumbled on the CdG Chelsea outpost). Or at least the delighfully graphic $80 Marimekko option.

I'm dreaming up HipMama Weekend Playground Outfits right now.

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