26 August 2011

Style Reboot: Finally Bringing It All Out

Way back in March, I posted about rediscovering what's already in my closet.

It's August.

I finally got around to cleaning out my accessories cabinet. Two weeks ago.

The day H and I were planning a Sushi Ko date (and on which I debuted my new Oscars), the afternoon was stormy. We were also planning a Big Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant for The Bean as a belated birthday present, so we unabashedly deployed the DVD player and on-demand to show movies and keep her quiet and rested. We hoped it that would yield a not-over-tired-child for her Marcel's dinner.

But I digress.

I dashed out to Ace Hardware, then The Container Store while they were napping and resting, and brought back what was probably intended as a hobby or hardware case with drawers. I wanted clear drawers so I could see what baubles were in there, but needed it to fit inside of our IKEA cabinet where I store my accessories (and my baking supplies. Yes, we live in a condo with limited storage space.). Fingers crossed. Because why would I do something logical, like measure the cabinet and its shelves? Caution, meet wind.

Home again, and young active things scrambling at my feet, I tried to distract them from the Pretty Sparkly Things emerging bit-by-bit from the shelves. I de-jumbled my chains, matched up my earrings, and remembered long-lost favorites. To The Beans' delight, I ditched every single one of the boxes in which my jewels had lived. I emptied out purses of the last bits of change, mints, and lipsticks I thought I'd lost. I wiped down the shelves. (Yes, Mommy, I am your daughter.)

My hobby-bins-turned-jewelry-box works perfectly. I can see what I have, and am unexpectedly enjoying, oh, I don't know, putting on different pieces each morning. Because I can now see what's there, and don't have to dig, I can easily find something different than the same 3 cuffs and 2 necklaces I'd been sporting for the last 4 years.

My Newly Organized Accessories Cabinet. And The Bag's Place of Honor, moved happily from atop my shoes in my closet.

Then there's The Bag Shelf. I've already carried 3 more purses than I had in those same 4 years: Mom-Mom's vintage monogram clutch, an adorable wicker Fornash clutch, and my beloved Furla (as H brought it to me from Italy, after my inability to shop while In. Italy., he was thrilled to see it again) all made it back into the rotation.

Next up? The Baubles I Need to Wear (Discovered in The Big Cleanup)


Miss Scarlet said...

Great idea! So stealing it.

Tattoo Mommy said...

Love a girl who loves to organize!!