15 March 2011

Style Reboot: Bring it all out

The stylish Elizabeth at So Much to Smile About posted about her carry-all-clutch obsession. Which I wholeheartedly support. She reminded me that I really need to dig out my vintage alligator clutch - an envelope, really - and carry it (yes, that's me, the lady with the alligator purse; if I start ranting about Miss Suzy and a Baby, it's over). It's big enough to carry whatever I need, really, as long as The Beans aren't with me.

Which, of course, got me thinking about what else I need to bring out, repurpose, or remember I have.

One of the style blog clich├ęs is the springtime-clean-your-closet post. Well, I'm not going there. I promise. Because I won't get anywhere near it myself, so I can't and won't in good conscience encourage the Infintessimal Readership to try. But where I will go is: Dig out old favorites.

I don't care if you burrow through piles of unfolded laundry, dump piles of shoe boxes on your head, or Febreeze that sweater you meant to wash 3 months ago (speaking from experience: H is so frustrated with my pile he's almost taken to washing them himself. Almost). Pull out the lovely things you haven't carried, worn, or donned in ages. Chances are, you can wear it with something "on trend" for this spring - or it already is (can't believe I wrote "on trend." crap. did it again.).

So tell us what you plan on bringing out in all its glory - and then do it - and send pics! I promise to post them for all the supportive blogworld to see!

(On an aside, I know that the blogworld can get pretty nasty and catty, but I have to say "Thank You" to all for being so encouraging and supportive as I make The Big Climb back out of the doldrums. Means the world that strangers, ultimately, will cheer a girl on.)

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