14 March 2011

The Big Climb: What Made It Into My Closet (or in a shopping bag on the chest in my bedroom because I haven't managed to put them away yet)

As promised, here's what I did buy in my 3 hours, 4 stores whirlwind tour of Chevy Chase (read: Friendship Heights. Let's get real, people. The places I shopped are not the Shops.)

Loehmann's: I bit the bullet and annoyed the Fitting Room Lady with too many items. I actually had no interest in trying on anything. At all. But I did. And despite the MICHAEL Michael Kors dresses not fitting, and the German-designed (designer totally escaping me at the moment) blouses being wonderfully
structured - but not for my current body, I didn't lose hope. I only ended up with a dark mocha pencil skirt, but I did walk away with inspiration for The Climb.

J. Crew: As I tweeted day of, I was very disappointed that this shop (and I do still need to research whether it's a company-wide policy) doesn't carry anything above a 12. Seriously. That's why I went there. Because I know I can get well-tailored, good quality, classic clothes in sizes that fit. In my bag going out the door? A great black & cream sailor T with shoulder buttons (to satisfy my apparent obsession with All Things Nautical and 4 (cream, grey, black, white) cami/tanks I can wear underneath things like Big Comfy Sweatshirts.

Banana: Ah. Home. Here, my frustration was that the 12s and 14s were not. At all. I'm certainly willing to concede differences in cut, but really? You know when you start to try something on, get it only so far, then find yourself saying, out loud, "Uh, no"? Yeah, that's what happened with the trousers I tried on. I did, however, walk out with a cute navy ruffle-front T, a pale blue sort of ballet crewneck sweater, and a Wrap Dress That Fits (oddly with no online picture). I have an eternal struggle with any belted dress, the supposedly flattering on everyone but not really wrap dress included. So when I found this graceful cream and navy version in a weighty, elegant jersey, I was thrilled. I haven't worn it yet, but that's just because I can't bring my self to put tights on with it, and, well, sometimes a girl lets things go longer than she should in the winter.

Gap: My two rouched Ts, black knit dress, and poppy dressy T with flowy scarf neck (bought without trying on at the counter) were the only things of interest in the store. Seriously. I find that The Gap ('cause that's it's real name, and I refuse to change it) goes through long periods of Nothing. This is apparently one of them. The store was filled with Bad 80s and Grey. I'm in love with Grey. Love. But this was too much. Entirely too much.

Cafe at Mazza: mango smoothie and spinach and feta croissant to inhale on the way home to take The Beans to the playground

Still to go?

Buy new shoes. I have a Girls' Weekend coming up next weekend here in Jersey. We're planning a trip to the outlets in AC. If I don't find anything there, I'm banking on ginger and simply soles at DSS. All but one of my Go To pairs I scored there at those boutiques.

Get healthy. Getting there. H and I are vegan for Lent. He's Orthodox, and it's the way they do it. So I'm supporting. I'm not strident about it (evidenced by the Break Day today, in which chili and ice cream were both ingested), but I can tell. Even after just a few days, I feel less well having had my Break Day. So back on the bandwagon tomorrow.

Buy a few pieces I love NOW. Started. And still working.

Keep going. Yup. Am still going.

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