29 September 2011

My Christmas - no Birthday - no Just My I'd-Really-Like-to-Have List

When I first posted this, it was my "Things I Want for Christmas." It was the first time in a Very Long Time that I've made one. Now, as I said before, it's really just a list of Cool Style Things I spot along the way. And yes, it started with one item.

(No capital letters were harmed in the writing of this post.)

Bumped to the top of the list because, well, #bestchristmasgiftevereverever 1 year of Vogue Archives. 1892-today
H bought me "just 'cause!" Bill Cunningham's New York DVD
A fancy gold watch - chunky
A fancy gold watch - dainty and ladylike (preferably like one of the ones my mother is splitting between BabySis and me When That Day Comes)
A standing appointment for something - anything - at Nectar Skin Bar
Multiple Vogue subscriptions (see My Style To-Do List)
H got me a Nook for Christmas. I think I want an iPad
Books. Because I need more of them to sit on my nightstand and not read. Amazon.com wish list, thankyouverymuch
Echo Design Center Point Echo Touch Gloves. In pewter. Because they're techie gloves. And I'm addicted to my phone. (Thanks, Alison, of Chain Strap Purse, for the find!)
Chanel 3-book set (Liz, this is all your fault)
Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Petite Cologne Absolue showed up in birchbox last month, and I've used it exactly as they've advertised it - for a mental pick-me-up on those days that just seem impossibly long. And you do feel like you're on an orange-blossom filled patio in the Med.
Daphne Guinness, by Valerie Steele and Guinness herself, which is the Museum at FIT publication accompanying the once-in-a-lifetime-so-I-took-The-Bean exhibit straight out of Guinness' closet and iconic (though she protests the label) mind
Reversible Diamond Earrings from Gioielli by Nikki Baker. Yup. I'm reaching here. Really reaching. But they're goooooooorgeous (and Hu's will have them shortly!)
Guerlain Terra Azzurra products - any of them, quite frankly, for all the reasons I cite here.

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Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

Oh I forgot to add the Bill Cunningham DVD to my Christmas list! Thanks for the reminder!