27 September 2011

My Style To-Do List

Instead of reading a Government draft RFP or preparing something horrendous like a compliance matrix like a responsible adult - or even instead of sleeping, which my body desperately needed to do - I used the 2 flights here to Lawton, OK, to read the entire October issue of American Vogue. Cover to cover. I devoured both the inane (Hamish Bowles does X Factor) and the intelligent (Hamish Bowles does X Factor), marked pages, and then borrowed a pen from a nice gentlemen across the aisle and scribbled a list of everything that had popped into my head while reading.

  • Does it count that I "followed" Vogue Germany and British Vogue on twitter? Order multiple Vogue subscriptions
  • design and order calling cards
  • buy very-nice-but-ok-to-lose pens
  • get new, impossibly hip glasses and/or
  • get lasik appointment
  • change all future vacation references to "holiday"
  • figure out how to collaborate on a style post about warheads (Scott, if you've read this far, I'm sure I can find a prize for you of some kind)
  • Listen to Robin Givhan NPR archive broadcast (thanks, Wardrobe Oxygen!)
  • Check! Headed up August 3-5! Plan trip with Mommy & The Bean (the 2 Elsas) to see Schiaparelli/Prada exhibit at the Met
  • Gonna cross this one off, given that I just found some lovely eyes at Bobbi Brown!
  • Check! Finally!, a whole year later, I found TWO (Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood and Hollywood Red)find a red lipstick
  • Check! started on pinterest - Style Tomes and Style Reading List.
  • Uncheck! Never happened. find nail salon in Lawton
  • She did it on her own, and did beautifully! Bad friend. plan Old Town Boutique District vintage scour for friend who wants a vintage-y party dress for weddings this fall
  • Check! start a Christmas list (for the first time in, oh, 25 years)
  • It's just not worth it. Too many good, cheaper things out there. look into La Mer
  • Check! On it's way! With the new bug repellent! order Skincando Miracle Cream
  • Check! #healthyme is in full swing! Sort-of check. I did it once. Skipped DRESSED viewing Thursday for yoga class - do yoga and/or calissthenics tomorrow (each day will be a new resolution for the next)
  • Check! Classic Crane's at The Dandelion Patch - buy new letter-writing (as opposed to card-writing) stationery
  • Check! It was part of me "get ready for cool new job" stuff. buy new not-to-lose pen
  • Check! Addicted. get pinning - seriously
  • Check! December 2-4, with The Bean in tow! plan NYC trip (including Daphne Guinness exhibit)
  • Check! Had an amazing weekend just the two of us down tha shore in March. plan girl time with childhood BFF
  • Check! Nope. Happy with my Nook (Christmas gift from H) and laptop (PC, people, PC). figure out if i want an iPad
  • Check! Russel + Hazel "chicklets" (love, love, love the name!), of course, bought at The Container Store. Now, I have to use them. find pretty little post-it notes for marking up magazines and maybe books
  • Check! 678 Colorful Skinny Jean on order from The Limited. investigate skinny jeans
  • Check! See above. investigate colored jeans
  • Check! Going for my second appointment today! brows with Adrian at Nectar Skin Bar
  • Silly me - no massages (hint, hint, add them!) massage at Nectar Skin Bar
  • Check! Adrian is a brow and skin god. Put yourself in his hands. anything at Nectar Skin Bar
  • order Vogue subscription (in multiple languages?)Really, it's sitting in my car in the box. Take it to the store already! return Michael (Kors) turtleneck poncho
    Rosa and I never made it - visit Michael Reinhardt at Neiman Marcus Chevy Chase to buy new La Metier de Beaute eyes
    make list of fahion/style/art books to read


Anonymous said...

Well, there are some subtle aspects to warhead design. While simplicity is always appreciated, I find a few lethality enhancing features really juice up the design...8)

Miss Scarlet said...

I love British Vogue.

DC Celine said...

Anonymous, you'd better get writing. Or at least clipping pics of pretty warheads.

Miss Scarlet, I'm really tempted to do multiple versions. I'd be remiss if I didn't do German, and, well, British and Italian are, um, necessary.

Ashleigh Nicole said...

I would be so lost without to-do lists! Nice to meet a fellow blogger in my area!

Xo Ashleigh