29 November 2011

Style Dilemma: Black Champagne

Sequins and Sparkle

Funny things happen on Twitter. You share things and thoughts you wouldn't tell close friends. You "meet" people. You learn about celebrity deaths before anyone else. You put a number sign before a string of words that would normally be a sentence and confuse the heck out of non-Twitter-users but makes you LOL.

You plan fake funerals with vats and vats of champagne and black sequined dresses.

True story.

So a few of us are going to have a Black Champagne party. We'll drink bubbly, eat salty, and probably talk salty, too (a few of us have been known to make a sailor blush once in a while). And we'll wear sequins. Because we can.

It's supposed to be black sequins, but when I went looking, the sequin selector on the Nordstrom site (seriously, they have "sequins" as a filter option on dresses, which. just. rocks) pulled up a few other colors, like gold and silver. So I included them. Then there's the deep blue "cold shoulder" mini I obsessed over last Friday (the charcoal/black version is the first one in the second row), but refused to try on because I was on a Bra Mission.

The silouhettes range from fitted to forgiving, with room for only bubbly or room for a whole tin of gift popcorn. Since I've only met literally one of the 7-8 women who will be at our Black Champagne party, I have no idea what might suit them.

But it's sequins. So a girl just can't go wrong.

If you want to find out more about the Ladies of the Sequins (because we're a fascinating bunch), watch for the #BlackChampagne hashtag on Twitter.


Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

I desperately want a reason for a sequined dress and have often placed one in my shopping cart... and then have saved it for later or deleted. I own a black sequined mini that has yet to see the light of day, but feel that if I have a full-on sequined dress I would find a place to rock it.

I love the long-sleeved simple styles of sequined dresses so the sparkle can steal the show. The gray one (top row center) is something I would buy in a heartbeat, pair with a super dramatic smoky eye and perfectly tousled hair.

DC Celine said...

How have *you* not found a place to wear a sequined mini? Hel-LO CapFABB meet-up? At a minimum?

(She says sheepishly with full knowledge of a champagne-colored sequined skirt in her closet - borrowed from mommy)

I think this is the new Reason for Living = find a place for a sequined dress.

And yes, the grey one is just simplistically stunning