05 December 2011

#BeanintheBigApple Preview

As I hinted at on twitter this morning, I can't wait to work on the #BeanintheBigApple posts (it'll probably a few of them!). I did, however, promise The Bean that she could help me work on the pictures for "my website." She was, you know, the official photographer. As you'll see, she's a picture-snapping-fiend, complete with photog stance.

If you followed our adventures this weekend, we had an absolute blast, from running to the Metro in DC Friday morning (we just made our 8am Amtrak in time) to the Daphne Guinness and The Great Designers exhibits at the Museum at FIT Friday to ice skating in Central Park and 5th Avenue window "shopping" on Saturday to the Pier 6 playground Sunday morning. If you missed the tweetpics over the weekend, there's a little preview on the DC Celine facebook page.

As for whether The Bean liked New York or not? The pics tell the story.

[I was going to put an adorable teaser pic in here, but either Chrome or Blogger is unhappy with my pictures at the moment, so you'll just have to go to facebook until we do the posts.]

And we've picked out a nice brownstone for sale in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. We'll send you our change of address soon.

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