23 February 2012

Healthy Style: Called to the Carpet by a 4.5 Year Old

This is a style blog. A fashion blog. A place to find cool things, to ask questions, and to find stylish answers. But somehow my life sneaks (ok, stomps) in, and you hear about all sorts of things, from mood swings and style ruts to birthday parties and weddings.

So with this whole #healthyme thing going on, I've realized I'm going to have to tell a little bit of my story. Because being healthy, in my book, is the ultimate accessory.

Here's the first installment. I originally posted it on my blog in the Weight Watchers Online community.

Since both H and I are trying to get healthy, we've been consciously figuring out how to talk about it around The Beans. They think getting on the scale is the coolest thing ever, and we get excited when they "get bigger."

The last thing I want, though, is for my kids to have even the slightest bit of thought or worry about their bodies because I talked about losing weight.
So when The Bean saw me entering foods on my phone, she asked what I was doing.


I ended up explaining that it was a way of making sure I eat enough of the right things, and we figured out what each of the icons stands for, and talked about why each of the Health Checks is important.

So as we were cooking tonight (big pot of herby peas and a pot of multigrain "oatmeal" for us to eat over the next few days), she asked me, "How are you doing on your heathy checker?"

It took me a minute.

Then I beamed with pride (and grimaced inside just a teensy bit). And I got out my phone and showed her. I adjusted a few things (I'd had celery, but didn't have an apple that I'd fully intended on eating).

"Why didn't you do your running one?"

Activity stood glaringly empty.

"Well, I haven't had a chance to do my exercise today."

"You can do it right now."

Yup. Yes I can. I can do it right now.

So out came a little yoga guide I have, and we did 10 minutes of a relaxation series. And she desperately wanted to teach me some of her exercises. She joyfully makes them up and teaches them to me.

Yes I can. I can do it right now.

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