08 February 2012


...and it's not even in tune. Not in the least.

This is plain old self-promotion.

So thank you to the 16 of you who've already voted. And then, to you others, would you? Could you? Be a dear? Would you? Could you? It's for a whole year.

(Yes, my literary references have dropped in age appropriateness lately. But who doesn't love the good Dr.?)

Go here, to our picture on the H. Bloom page (listed out below) to vote. Please? The Beans are waaaaay cuter than the couples in the lead right now. And The Beans both looooove flowers. Seriously.

And oooops! There goes H's surprise. Guess, since I changed his home page to DC Celine about 5 years ago, that he might notice this post when he logs on tomorrow morning in the office.

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Alison said...

Done :) XO