03 February 2012

Style Inspiration: We Met on the Internet

When I started blogging back in, oh, December 2005*, I did it in large part out of frustration for DC's lack of style.

There. I said it. I said The Same Thing Every Other DC Style/Fashion Blogger Says.

I do have a lot to say about style and fashion blogging in the District of Columbia and Greater Metropolitan Area. I promise (yes, I know this is a blogger-no-no, promising a post for later) a post here or article over at my other written style project with Jessica Quillin, Finessed Fashion, one day relatively soon.

In the meantime, though, there have been a few recent developments in the DC Blogger World and style in general. One of my favorites? Very Smart People are strutting their stuff in unique, thoughtfully styled ways. Then there are the people capturing them on film. Yes, there's the daily style blogger, putting (usually) herself out there for the world to see. There are also brainy, style-inclined folks like ThirstDC founders, Eric Shulze and Lori Noto, entrepreneurial minds like Eliot over at Accoutre, and, though she's not the first street style photog to grace DC's streets (Rachel, this nod's for you), Kate of Go Kate Shoot is getting some beautiful images of what we stylish folk in DC think beautiful.

So last week, a few of us were tweeting away when suddenly we had a date for drinks and shots (with the camera). I think it was 6 of us to start. Apparently that expanded. It became a Thing, and threw me into a frenzy of What to Wear I'm Going to Be in a Picture. I even dragged H along, styling him in a vintagey, geeky T just for the occasion.
Wonderful, amazing, colorful shoes (and on a snowy night, girl after my own frostbitten toed heart) Go Kate Shoot

The long and the short of it? H and I made it out for drinks at Smith Commons, even on a snowy night when others stayed in. It was worth it. The laughter, the style, and the photographic record of the evening tell the story of a DC happy to style its way through the night.
The lovely, sweet, and incredibly stylish KC Ellis. The first time we met "IRL," at #BlackChampagne, I gushed over her ensemble so much I was afraid I'd offended her. Go Kate Shoot

The shots here, as stated, are all the work of one lovely Kate Warren, and she graciously said it would be ok if I posted a few of my favorites. She posted a whole slew of them on her blog (look for the Style Flash Mob DC post). Please go check them out - she's just amazing.
Yup, that's me on the left, in my shit-there's-going-to-be-a-photographer-there-what-do-I-wear outfit. H is holding up the brick wall on the right, complete with Captain America T picked out by The Bean. KC smiles at us from the back, with her sweet F (soon to be H) gazing at her lovingly. Go Kate Shoot

[editorial note: darned Chrome or Blogger or something isn't happy about me posting pics right now. But I will. I promise (there I go again). In the meantime, follow the links to Miss Kate's site and drool over your keyboards at the eye candy.] Look! I kept a blogging promise!

*seriously? 6+ years? why, oh, why, haven't I had a blog birthday party? Oh. Right. Those Beans of mine. And H (though the blog idea was his - I'll tell that story one day). And that day job. But maybe, just maybe, we'll have a 7-Year-Itch Blog Birthday Party or some such nonsense. Start the planning!

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