04 February 2012

Style in Print: Simon Doonan

Just a pretty pink, silly picture for you to brighten up your Saturday. I had a lovely time at my, as I've been calling it, Triumphant Return to Events. Meeting Simon Doonan was the way to make that return.

I'm about a 3rd of the way through Mr. Doonan's newest book, Gay Men Don't Get Fat. The title is familiar for a reason. His book's thesis, if you will, is that gay men are French women with, well, additional appendages. So far, he's absolutely made his point, along with a number of others about how we "straights" live our lives and could live them better.

And, in case you were wondering, he's as lovely and gracious in person as you'd expect him to be.

(My ensemble, in case you were wondering, but why would you be when !Simon Doonan! is in the picture: 9 West zipper front "mod" dress, Oscar de la Renta straw/patent sandals, fish scale chandelier earrings, bought for me by my sis, vtgracie, in Philly.)

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