30 March 2012

Favorite Post: My Christmas-No-Birthday-No Just Things I'd Like to Have List

Way back when (October 2011? December 2011? Earlier?) I posted a list of "wants." Every girl has that list. We do. Even if we don't write it now. These are things I'd really like to have in my life. They're not current obsessions, they're not "things I'm loving now," and they're not "of the moment." They're Big Things, mostly, and some of them are even It Girl Things.


Am I missing anything?

I've got lots of thoughts brewing on this lil' ol' blog here, and while I mull them over, I thought I'd pull some of my favorite posts from the past 6+ years (yes, I'm an Old Blogger).

If you have thoughts, ideas, questions, Style Dilemmas, please do send them along! I'd love to hear what you want to read!

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