06 March 2012

Going on Record: I did peplum first

Those who follow the runways know that one of the biggest named trends off the Fall 2012 runways is the peplum.


For the Normal Girl, this one falls directly into the WTF Big Designers? Don't you understand us at all? No? Clearly you hate us, for why in the name of all things flattering would you dream that we Normal Girls would ever want to add to our hips. Because that's what it looks like you're doing with these Peplum Thingys. On a rail-thin model, sure, it's stunning, but Real World? Katy Perry and sheer underpants-y pastel blue hair we are not.

And then I looked at myself in the mirror this morning.

By way of #healthyme news, I'm happily back to cinching belts at my waist, rather than my hips. Conventional What-Not-To-Wear-type wisdom would have us, um, what's the word of the moment? healthy girls (seriously, there's an off-center euphamism if I ever heard one) belting our waists to make them narrower, but for a time there, I simply wasn't comfortable doing it. I felt heavier with a waist-level belt than a hip-level belt, so I went for the latter.

Anywho, back to this morning's mirror. As I adjust my belt to the almost-last holes (stop applauding, it's a large or extra-large belt), I untuck my layered shirt, and oila! A pretty little ruffle flirts out from under the belt.

It's a peplum.

Really. Teeny, but it's a peplum.

And I've been doing it since sometime last spring, when I first created this go-to outfit. Big Designers, you are so behind the 8 ball.

More Calverton-office-park-bathroom photography. Fabulous, isn't it?

Ladies, listen up. A peplum does, in fact, do what they say it does. It does make my waist look tiny(ier, let's be truthful here). It's just a teeny little bit of fabric gathered, but man, do I like it. So now, my friends, I'm recommending you get on The Peplum Bandwagon now.

Then you, like me, can say you did it first, before the bloggers take the peplum by printed neon pastel storm.


Cortnie Elizabeth said...

I love a peplum waistline! Can't wait to start wearing clothes for warmer temps so I can break out some of my peplum-style tops!


DC Celine said...

Cortnie - so glad I'm not alone! Peplum is scary, I think, but it's also a natural fit for a woman's body - at least IMHO :-)