13 March 2012

What's in My Bag (and What's In Yours)?

I'm copying. Bandwagoning.

Allie over at Wardrobe Oxygen shared today, so I thought I'd take her up on her "What's in Your Bag?" post.

So here we go.

Bag: Furla, brought home for me from Italy by H. Because I couldn't/wouldn't buy a single thing on our 2000 trip to Italy. Surprisingly roomy, and incredibly polished. It has a shoulder strap, but I'm a tote-bag-girl with this one.

Rather than doing any clockwise/counterclockwise shenanigans, I'll group it all for you. Conveniently, I hope.

Beautiful Me Items:
Birchbox buy Jouer lipgloss in, well, Birchbox pink. Perfect. Really perfect.
Birchbox sample Anastasia lipgloss in Bellini. Orangey-ier than I'd usually go, but turns a pretty peach on that I'll use on a Fun Girls Night
Goody's hair bands

Practical Me Items:
CVS eyedrops, in hopes they'll cure my burning eyes (no luck so far)
Kiehl's Lip Balm, or Vaseline in a pretty tube. Works, but wouldn't buy it (got it as a Free Gift)
Fornash sunglasses case, all rubbery soft goodness. Oh, and the color. Inside are my ├╝ber-80s Pollack-inspired RayBan-like cheapy shades
Envirosax reusable bag, as I live in DC and travel through Montgomery County to get to work. Bags are taxed, people
Emergen-C vitamin drink powder. Vitamin C + lots of vitamin B. Tip: don't drink at night. Seriously. It'll keep you up
Birchbox sample Herban Essentials Lavender Towlettes
Birchbox sample Kusmi Tea Detox tea bags

Mama Me Items:
The Bean's purple gloves. Suppose it's time to put those away
CVS wipes (diaper/hand/tabletop)
Matchbox car, which one would think is self-explanatory, is actually mine, not The Beans'
Receipt from the Bean's nearly perfect dentist appointment yesterday

Just Me Items:
Receipts that really should be filed somewhere
Jim the massage therapist at Qua Caesar's Atlantic City - his card
H. Bloom media CD from the CapFABB anniversary party
Loehman's gift or membership card. Not sure which
H&M gift card
Random $5 Visa gift card
Starbucks Gold Card (yes, that much of an addict)
Keys on my mommy's lifguarding laniard
Phillies Vera-Bradley (gasp!) style wallet

Not Pictured Items:
Random change
Mama-backup ziploc bags with the Beans' snacks and crayon type items. I pulled them out for a morning meeting. They're sitting on the front seat of my car, baking in the spring sun with the banana I didn't eat for breakfast.
New obsession of Trident Layers gum in Green Apple Pineapple and Peach Mango

I could give you links to everything, but that would take loads more time, and, well, the Day Job is calling.


Alison (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...


Is Birchbox worth it?

DC Celine said...

Thanks. It's one. full. purse. I'm almost mortified. But not really.

Birchbox is fun. I don't always use, or even try, what they send, but I have found a few good things. For a serial try-er, it's absolutely worth it, at $10/mo. I like it just because I get a pretty little package monthly.

I will also say that I never, ever would have even looked at the 2 colors of gloss I'm now using if it weren't for getting them in a monthly sample box...so...email me if you want a referal.

RosaLovesDC said...

Hahaha, I love the "Beautiful Me items" section.
I change purses often but among the common things I carry most of the time:
My camera
My iPhone
2-3 lipsticks
reusable bag fr random purchases
hair bands
and believe or not, a measuring tape (you never know when you will need one, trust me, that thing has come in handy a lot).

DC Celine said...

Rosa, I used to change purses often, and even had a little system for not forgetting stuff from purse-to-purse. But that's gone the way of putting makeup on before I leave the house (vice in the car in the office parking lot).

And I love the measuring tape idea. Perfect. Copying.

Also forgot to put my Droid in the "not pictured."